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Nutrition Services

Initial consultation & Analysis


The initial consultation will give Nuna a chance to get to

know you and gain an overview of your lifestyle. Lasting up to 1 hour, this session will ensure that Nuna conducts a full nutritional & lifestyle analysis, giving her all the necessary information to create your bespoke nutritional plan, suited to your personal goals.


  • A full health, lifestyle and dietary analysis

  • Identification of health issues and solutions

  • Personalised recipes to suit your symptoms and your goals

  • Bespoke nutritional plan

  • All-round lifestyle advice

  • Supplement recommendations

  • Blood and nutrition testing available if required.


Intuitive Eating 121 Programme

If you struggle with disordered eating, my intuitive eating programme can help you regain the trust that you have lost with your body's cues and fix your relationship with food.

​Having battled with obsessive and disordered eating myself, I understand the complexity of this journey and I am here to guide you all the way. 


With my 3- month intuitive eating programme, we will work together to help you:

  • Build back your self-confidence and respect for your body

  • Reconnect with body and strengthen the trust with your hunger and fullness cues

  • Learn to give yourself full permission to enjoy all foods 

  • Regain your innate and natural relationship with food

How the programme works:

  • 12 private coaching sessions with Nuna over 3 months

  • Toolkit of resources to support you

  • Whatsapp support between sessions

  • Access to group coaching sessions and masterclasses

Principles of the programme:

  1. Unlearn diet mentality 

  2. Reconnect with your body

  3. Trust your emotions


Intuitive Eating Group Coaching Programme


This 12 week group programme is delivered by weekly zoom meetings, connecting you to a community of women who are on the same journey as you. 


Just like the 1-2-1 programme, we will explore the principles of unlearning diet mentality, reconnecting with your body and trusting your emotions. 


You also have the opportunity to upgrade your package with  2 add-on 121 sessions if you wish.


How the programme works:


  • 9 pre-recorded video sessions 

  • 12 group sessions over 12 weeks

  • Toolkit of resources to support you 

  • Facebook group for support 24/5

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