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Our signature 12- week programme built to help you to stop endless eating, regain trust around food and prioritize your physical and mental health so you can step into

your highest potential.

Find food freedom with my
5-step signature 

& heal your conditioning

the body-mind-food

& care for your body

your food mindset

your potential and power

Why did I create this course?


I wanted to create something easily accessible to everyone, regardless of your schedule and other constraints.. I've collated all my knowledge, expertise and experience from the last 10 years into one self-paced course just for you.

By signing up for this course, you will: 

Gain complete clarity in your relationship to food.

Understand nutrition so that you can fuel yourself properly.

Find food freedom and the confidence in your eating habits.

Rediscover who you are and regain respect for your body and what it can achieve.

Learn how to care for your physical & mental health so that you can thrive.

Understand your emotions & stop using food as your go-to coping mechanism.


You will gain an empowered state around food, one where you will find a healthy balance without compromising your physical and mental health, so you can focus on reaching your highest potential.

Heal your relationship with food, once and for all.

  • You feel like food controls you and you have no willpower 

  • You feel overwhelmed by nutrition information in the media

  • You feel addicted to food 

  • You feel guilty when you overeat 

  • You are drawn to high sugar and/or high fat foods

  • You compensate for overeating with restriction and/or exercise 

  • You often yo-yo up and down in weight

  • You spend a lot of time thinking about food 

  • You feel tired and low on energy during the day 

  • You feel like your eating habits are affecting your work and career 

  • You know that your relationship with food is holding you back in areas of your life like relationships, career, social life 

Who is this course for?


Is food holding you back from being your true self?

Do you feel like food controls you?

Do you often yo-yo in weight?

Are you lacking in energy and focus?

Ask yourself.

Had a brilliant experience with Nuna as my nutrition coach. She helped me achieve my goals quickly by giving me great suggestions that would work specifically with my busy lifestyle. I have naturally lost weight without going on a diet and her programme made a massive difference to my lifestyle. Nuna is a kind and caring person who is great to be around."

Ahmed El Naz

What will you gain from this course?

Trust in your bodies cues & ability to  trust yourself around food.

Freedom from the control that food has over you.

A clear understanding of nutrition  to keep your body functioning

Self-confidence, appreciation and love towards your body.

Empowerment to go for power, potential and purpose in life.

Powerful tools to navigate your emotions and food choices.


Program Includes

9x Online modules

3x Group coaching calls 

Exclusive WhatsApp community support

Exclusive guest expert sessions

VIP Upgrade includes:

2x private coaching sessions


Find balance in your eating habits without... 

  • Cutting out carbs or sugar

  • Intermittent fasting

  • Feeling hungry for extended periods of time

  • Buying food supplements like protein

  • Counting calories or macros

  • Hiding your favourite snacks

  • Missing out on social events involving food

  • Using food tracking apps 

  • Feeling low on energy

  • Using caffeine or nicotine to curb your appetite 

  • Exercising more to compensate for calories

  • Eating low-calorie foods to curb your appetite

Why this programme is different?


  1. Will this work for me? I’ve tried so many things in the past that havent worked..

  2. When can I start and do I have to finish it all in 12 weeks?

  3. I don’t have the will power, I have been eating this way for so long. Can I really change?

  4. I work and have a lot of responsibilities, will I have time?

  5. I’m not in a bigger body, is this course for me?

  6. Is this a restrictive diet?

  7. I am an all or nothing person. Can i change something so inherent in me?

  8. What are the payment terms? What if I can't afford to pay upfront?

Why should I act now, rather than later?

Your physical & mental health is suffering

You won't get back the time you have already lost.

Your metabolism is being affected.

 You deserve more from life!

You aren't living your potential.

You will carry on spending money on unsustainable fixes.


Still not sure?

 Sign up to join our free webinar  

on the 1st March to learn about what you need to take yourself to the next level and stop overeating and binge eating. 

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