5 Go-To Apps to Help Finesse Your Fitness During Lockdown

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

As gyms have had to forcefully close for another lockdown, why not focus on fuelling fitness from your front room?

The new Covid rules have caused several restrictions nationwide and many of our ‘normal, everyday lives’ have become severely affected since being plunged into lockdown. Pubs, bars and non-essential retail have come to a halt up and down the country, including the closure of gyms.

What with the current decline in mental health and increased number of suicides, will this do more harm than good? I believe now is the prime time to focus on health and fitness, both mentally and physically, and it’s a blessing that we can now do this from the comfort of our own homes. I’ve put together some suggestions of accessible apps to help further your fitness during this tough period, that will help inspire, motivate and connect with one another.


My go-to app has to be Seven, which provides 7-minute exercises to work the whole body for weight loss, muscle gain or fitness. It’s brilliant for quick at-home fitness training that guides you towards your fitness goal. Joining the movement of 30 million users has never been so easy; I aim to use Seven at least three times a week, doing three sets of the 7-minute workouts in succession. Over 200 of the exercises are based on scientific studies to provide maximum benefits in the shortest time possible, and you really can workout anywhere, anytime, with no equipment needed. There’s also the option of personalising your workout plans, adapting them to your needs and preferences to get faster results. I would highly recommend this app – why not start by trying the everyday workout challenge? If you can dedicate just seven minutes of your day to this, you’ll create a habit of getting fit and strong in no time.

Nike Training Club

If you’re an athlete or looking for at-home workouts for all levels, Nike Training Club is the app for you. Rated as Editors’ Choice and number 31 in the health and fitness category on the App Store, Nike Training Club gives you a combination of coaching, expert wellness advice and community content. Continue your fitness and wellness journey while you stay inside with free workout options, such as HIIT, invigorating yoga classes, bodyweight workouts you can do with minimum to no equipment, and cardio that ups your heart rate. The Nike collections give you specialist guidance to try at home, including Essential Yoga Flows for Every Day, Big Workouts for Small Spaces, For the Whole Family and Boost Your Mood. These were all created with the idea of still being flexible enough to fit into a busy routine. Challenge yourself in your living room, bedroom or a space of any size you have available – you’ll be surprised with the results!


Rated as the #1 home fitness app, FiiT is ideal for wanting to lose weight, get strong, improve flexibility or simply de-stress. Whether you’re just starting out as a beginner or progressing from intermediate to advanced, you can stream a variety of workouts straight to your iPhone, iPad or TV. You can access 75 classes and 14-day training plans for free before deciding whether to sign up with a Premium membership, giving you unlimited access to 10-40 minute classes with industry-leading personal trainers. The classes range from strength training, kettle and dumbbell, resistance band, combat or low impact cardio, yoga, pilates, breath-work, mobility training and postnatal recovery. There’s something for everyone and it’s a great opportunity to join a motivating online community where you can share your successes and stay accountable for your fitness.


One of my favourite fitness apps for women is Sweat, featuring Kayla Itsines and elite female personal trainers. Housed within the app are workouts, nutrition guides and support that provide the largest fitness community of women worldwide with all the necessary health and fitness motivation. Along with Kayla, the group of world-class personal trainers include Kelsey Wells, Stephanie Sanzo, Chontel Duncan and Sjana Earp, who host a number of home-based programmes including BBG, PWR, HIIT, Circuits, Strength and Global Community. With a free download, you’re able to track weekly progress and access easy-to-follow exercises in resistance, challenge, cool down, rehabilitation and cardio. There’s also over 300 pages of educational content covering fitness, nutritional recipes and wellbeing. It’s an all-rounder in my opinion and definitely one not to miss out on!

Charity Miles

Last but not least is Charity Miles, a free tracker app that enables you to earn money for charity whenever you walk, run or bike. Since it’s founding in 2012, the app has helped earn over £2 million for amazing charities with the support of corporate sponsors. You’re able to create your own Pledge Page where your friends can sponsor you – even if you’re not running a marathon or race – and the more they pledge, the more money you can earn. This is such a fun and innovative way to fundraise for charity; every mile matters all year-round, so if you’re someone wanting to improve your fitness whilst making an impact or difference in the world, Charity Miles is perfect for you.

Final Thoughts

The idea of being stuck indoors for a month can be somewhat daunting, but I trust that working out can be a great distraction from any anxieties we may be experiencing during this time. Exercising releases endorphins, which I can imagine many of us require even more right now, so focusing on fitness is paramount and it has hugely helped me. I hope that these app suggestions bring some positivity, hope and health to people’s lives to see us through our current lockdown.

Let us know which is your favourite in the comments below!

Tess is a Fine Art graduate from the University of Lincoln, now based in South London, having recently been awarded the industry Gold Standard for the NCTJ Diploma in Practical Magazine/Multimedia Fast-Track Journalism with Press Association Training. She is highly passionate about writing for the creative industries, covering fashion, culture and lifestyle. You can find her on Instagram @tessrvw.

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