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Empowering women to end the diet-binge eating cycle and step into a more confident & empowered version of themselves. 

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Hello! I'm Nuna, founder of Nuna's Nutrition and Registered non-diet Nutritionist who coaches women out of their binge eating and low self-esteem, and into food freedom and self-empowerment.

Having been through that diet- binge cycle for 10 years, I experienced all the negative ways it impacted my life day to day. Using my experience and expertise, I help women get off that weight loss & diet train, stop binge eating and reclaim their sense of self and true identities.

For me Nuna's Nutrition is so much more than nutrition coaching, we aim to empower you from within so that you can go through life making the best decisions for YOU. Without a healthy mindset, you cannot work on sustainable physical health. This is why my coaching focuses on healing your relationship with yourself and with food before we talk anything nutrition.

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